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Become part of the future advisors, protectors, and leaders.


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Statera Mundi University is an age-old institute to shape YOUR great magical potential. It’s a great honor to be invited by the Spirits to come and study at SMU, as this means the Spirits recognize your true potential to help correct severe time-anomalies.


What to expect?

The Experience

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The setting of Statera Mundi University is one that was written by our own writers with a focus on history, magic, drama and the dark powers and realms that often go unexplored.

SMU is an experience where we put a highlight on the ‘time’ in Time and Space. Characters hail from all kinds of different time periods, cultures and races. However, real in-depth knowledge of these historical periods or cultures is not necessary to participate; it only makes your experience that much more interesting. All necessary and relevant information can be found on this website and later on in your hand-out and racial sheets. The larp itself is about exploring the stark differences between all these different races, periods and the people within, while joining together to study magic under great minds. All this while shaping your own mind and future so you can aid the Mighty Spirits with fixing and healing time itself.

The themes of the larp range from self-discovery, exploration, community and education to more explicit and/or darker topics such as horror, sexuality, magical racism, the occult and addiction.

Our events have large overarching plots (a 3-year long cycle) combined with multiple side plots that drag you into the experience and chaos of the school and the Magical World it is part of. That obviously doesn’t mean that there is no space for player plots. You’ll have plenty of time between, during and after classes to get to know each other and play out your personal goals. The teachers are there to be your guide in and outside their classrooms and NPCs serve a great number of roles that vary from monsters to merchants or long-lost friends from your own background.

The minimum age to participate is 16 years of age.

Thread Thine Path


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Which one of the 5 paths will you take?


Adventurer is the path for people that see the whole world as their home.


Crafter is the path for people who want to make the world a better place with their inventions.


Guardian is the perfect path for those who want to fight for what they believe is right.


If aiding the sick and tormented is your goal, Healer is the path for you.


Oracle is the ideal path for those who want to be a positive influence on our world.

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July 11-14, 2024

The Spirits will summon you in

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