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Perenelle Events vzw

Our organisation started out as a small group of people with a passion for roleplaying and a lot of creative ideas. After gaining some experience (and many fond memories) during LARP-events, the idea rose to get our creative juices flowing and organise events of our own.

This way we hope to give other people the same joy, unique encounters, life-time friendships and self-growth we all got to experience. Over time, as we grew more and more passionate about our ideas and projects, we could welcome more people to our team. Today, we are proud to say we have a fierce team with great potential and tons of motivation, each contributing their strong suit, all set out to offer you the most magical moments we can. And we are eager to get to know you too!

Toon Van Hoyweghen – Chairman

Not afraid to put in the effort to realise something he sets his mind to, Toon doesn’t easily back down from a project that’s close to his heart. Through his previous experiences in different organisations, he’s the one checking the boxes, making sure all practicalities are in order and keeping a reality check on organisational elements, helping others where possible and thus facilitating the success of our team.

Yve Lenaerts – Secretary

With his calm and grounded personality, Yve has proven himself ideal to keep our creative minds with their feet (mostly) on the ground and with their noses in the same direction. As an experienced LARP-er, he is our ‘voice of reason’ and often brings new insights he has learned in years of roleplaying.

Peggy De Meue – Treasurer

Having a lot of experience in the field of ‘red tape’ and finances, we can count on Peggy to ensure everything is legally and financially in order. She has a keen eye for visual design and has endless creative ideas, through which she inspires the others of our team. She brings a great balance of dreaming and reality checks to our team.

Robin Meulemans – PR

Who better to maintain the contact with people than our most sociable person? Robin will always ensure other people are happy and content and will do so for us by keeping everyone informed through our social media. He will gladly help you with any questions or inquiries you send us through our contact form.

Dennis Vandebroek – Head of the Creative Team

Dennis is so far unbeaten in coming up with endless creative ideas and figuring out ways to make a great but nearly impossible plan work. His knowledge of the technical side of craftsmanship is a great asset to our team.

Sarah-Luna Van Steen – Character & Design

As our real-life magician for everything concerning visual/digital art and a will as strong as Goblin’s steel, she has created a fantastical visual context for our organisation. She never backs down from a challenge and will do everything she can to make whatever she sets her mind to the best it can be. Giving everyone a unique character is her next challenge, which she bravely accepted.