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SMU 2023

Think Happy Thoughts

Statera Mundi University 2023 Edition

A new year, a new crew of teachers and students arrive at the school grounds. Some were completely new, some were old faces, and some carried with them strange dark marks.

As routine would have it, people were sorted, classes commenced, and people formed bonds. But then, on the morning of the second day, a strange artifact appeared in the courtyard.

On one hand, old teachers didn’t bat an eye at it as they claimed it had been there forever, on the other, all the students and younger teachers called them mad for such a suggestion.

Days passed and people felt more and more drained of their energy. Thankfully, with the help of the guidance of the Spirits, the students found what was causing the drainage and destroyed the artifact causing it.

After a year filled with strange magic, energy loss, zombie attacks, and the appearance and then murder of the strange creature called Happy, the school once again finds itself in a state of peace.

Yet, after all that, there is something that still feels off…



Château de Courrière, Rue Bâtis de Corère 6, 5336 Courrière, Belgium



Statera Mundi University welcomed its students from the 13th of July to the 16th of July 2023 at the school's castle.

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