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Adventurer Courses

A path that teaches you the art of being an adventurer. Choosing this path means you have a strong desire to explore the deep depths of caves, unknown forests, the vastness of the oceans whether they’re water or sand, and so on. Learn everything you need to know about magical creatures and how to treat them, surviving in dire situations, and how to use the knowledge of plants and flowers in your favour. Adventurer is the path for people that see the whole world as their home.

These classes are specific tailored to this path.

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Advanced Herbalism

Do you have the green fingers herbalism needs? You will become acquainted with nature and its extraordinary ways of helping during this course. Click title to read more...

Adventurer, Healer

Battle Training

Do you have the keen mind and strength needed to guarantee your victory? In Battle Training you will learn how to efficiently handle any battle. Click title to read more...

Adventurer, Guardian


Will you let nature or nurture determine your freedom? During exploration classes you will learn how to most effectively overcome these obstacles. Click title to read more...