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Crafter Courses

Crafters are the mad inventors and tinkerers of the Magical World. They seem to be able to turn any basic object into something with magical properties that can enhance a witchard’s life. In this path, you’ll learn to master the creation of specific components to use in advanced artefacts, the progress of artefact creation, and enchantments.
Crafter is the path for people who want to make the world a better place with their inventions.

These classes are specific tailored to this path.

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Will you be able to make the right combination to create a powerful artefact? Get the advanced artefactory techniques to master this lucrative magical craft during this course. Click title to read more...


Elemental Alchemy

Can you prepare the pristine components you need? Elemental Alchemy will teach you to ins and outs of material preparation. Click title to read more...



What, or maybe a more pressing question, who will you enhance? Come and choose your own path of enchanting, a way of empowering both yourself and others. Click title to read more...