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Guardian Courses

Guardian is the path that trains the future defenders of the Magical World. They aren’t afraid to be on the frontline, fighting for the freedom and safety of their people. Guardians are taught a variety of battle spells and tactics, and when to use which one to be as effective as possible. This path also provides more exotic ways to fend of the enemy such as re-utilising your fallen brethren in various ways to your advantage. Guardian is the perfect path for those who want to fight for what they believe is right.

These classes are specific tailored to this path.

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Advanced Necromancy

Are you ready to join the ranks of some famous Greek or Trojan necromancers, such as Odysseus and Aeneas? Get a grasp on the dead and how to use this power with responsibility. Click title to read more...


Battle Spells

Do you have the right spells to blast a breach in your enemy’s defence? Battle Spells will give you the expertise you need to win any duel. Click title to read more...


Battle Training

Do you have the keen mind and strength needed to guarantee your victory? In Battle Training you will learn how to efficiently handle any battle. Click title to read more...

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