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Healer Courses

Healers are the centre of any society. With their vast knowledge of the healing properties of their ingredients they’re capable of creating hundreds of different ointments and potions, each one specifically catered to your needs. This path will teach you how to utilise any herb or flower for your custom concoctions, what their other magical properties are, and which ones you better keep as far away as possible. You’ll also learn various healing spells for when you’re on the go. If aiding the sick and tormented is your goal, Healer is the path for you.

These classes are specific tailored to this path.

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Advanced Herbalism

Do you have the green fingers herbalism needs? You will become acquainted with nature and its extraordinary ways of helping during this course. Click title to read more...

Adventurer, Healer


Potion or poison, it is in your hands to decide what will be the cure? Join us in these experimental lessons and find out about all the weaknesses of the body yourself! Click title to read more...


Potion Alchemy

Will you reach for the stars and join masters such as Flamel or Tofana? Your Potion classes will teach you how to master combining ingredients to create the most effective potions. Click title to read more...