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Oracle Courses

Oracles often play the role of advisors to important influential figures. They have a talent for seeing patterns and interpreting them. In the Oracle path, you’ll learn how to efficiently persuade allies and how to negotiate with your enemies. Of course, this means you need to be in touch with foreign affairs and their traditions. You’ll also be taught an advanced way of reading and interpreting symbols. Oracle is the ideal path for those who want to be a positive influence on our world.

These classes are specific tailored to this path.

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Mind magic

Here... we learn that no secrets can be kept, or do we? In this class we will discover how to break those walls, keep our sanity, but above all, to understand the mind. Click title to read more...


Politics & Ethics

Can you grasp true leadership but stay in the shadows without public recognition? During Politics you’ll be taught how to influence the future and make the right decisions for the masses. Click title to read more...



Will you let the great symbologists of the past, present, and future guide you? Get the insight of ancient and modern symbols to uncover unspoken tales during this class. Click title to read more...