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Terms & Conditions

1. Registration:

A registration is only completed and valid once the payment has been fulfilled on the bankaccount of Perenelle Events VZW (ING: BE62 3632 0751 4261, BIC: BBRUBEBB ) with in the subject of the payment: player’s name and date of event.

This needs to be done with the official name of the player as on their ID-card.

Payment is in Euro and can only be fulfilled by banktransfer.

Players’ character sheets will only be send after payment.

2. Price:

Price of the event includes the participation of the determined event, meals & non-alcoholic drinks (for multiple day events, for short events it will be stipulated in the registration), sleeping arrangements, and some event-related items. (see registration page for each event)

Costume is not included.

3. Obligations by Perenelle Events vzw:

Perenelle Events vzw commits to the privacy of the personal and medical information of the participant to not distribute or disclose it to third parties unless in medical emergencies or by legal demand by local/federal law-enforcement. Personal information might be given to insurance-company if needed.
Information asked on registration can be used for organisational purposes. Name of participant can be used on a more public attending participants list.

4. Obligations by the participant:

For multiple day-events, participants will be sent a castle guide with house-rules in advance.
For single day events, participants will get a rule-set of the location.
The participant needs to honour these rules at all times.

Information given by participant upon registration, needs to be correct, complete, honest and in a timely manner. In case this information isn’t truthful, complete and correct, and this leads to extra costs and/or legal implications for the organisation, all costs will be recovered from the participant. Also, the organisation keeps the right to cancel, deny participation, remove from event and ban from future events if this information hasn’t been truthful, complete and correct.

The use of recreational drugs is strictly forbidden. Alcohol can not be brought along. There will be an option to buy mead and beer in the bar in the evening at certain events. This can not be consumed outside of the bar or during the day. If a participant is drunk, the organisation has the right to remove the player from the event.

The use of physical violence is strictly forbidden (in and out game), verbal violence out game is strictly forbidden, verbal violence in game without consent is strictly forbidden.

The intentional damage of any property is strictly forbidden.

Please respect others! CONSENT is key!

Keep electronics out of sight unless they’re visual adapted to the vibe of the event. Please keep the use to a strict minimum in the out game room not to break immersion of other players. All participants are responsible for their own medication and to avoid allergens. The organisation can not be held responsible for what a participant consumes. The organisation will list the ingredients on the in game “consumables”, please read them or ask for a list before consuming anything. If in doubt, act it out rather then really drinking or eating the consumable! Your safety is more important!

5. Photography at event:

At the event there will be photographers and videographers. All content created by these persons may be used for promotional use on website, promotional publications, illustrations in event-material & social media for: the (future) editions of Statera Mundi University LARP; future events and portfolio of Perenelle Events vzw; and portfolio material for the creator.

All other uses need explicit approval of the players in the photo.

6. Cancellation by the participant:

Participants who can’t participate to an event they registered to, need to contact the organization as soon as possible. No refunds are given. Partial refunds might be given in case of medical reasons (attest of doctor needed). This is not an automatic decision and will be on a case-to-case base. (depends on multiple factors, like timing, what is already spend for you as a player that is non-refundable or transferable,…)

You are allowed to resell your ticket but you have to contact the organisation first (& the organisation need to know who will participate and contact the right person for character design and other organisational administration)