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Clan Quiz

Clan Quiz

Find out in which you would fit best!

A clan is a group of students who are deemed worthy by the same spirit. Each clan has their own core values and members are believed to uphold these values in the school and in their future. A spirit will invite you to join their clan and will test your loyalty to them. In return of the favour of taking you in their clan, they will ask you to take an oath. Breaking this oath will come with severe consequences.

In which clan, your character will end up in is fully determined by their ideals, personality, and background.

Click here for a more detailed description per clan.

1.You lost your house key. What do you do?
2.Which instrument is most pleasing to your ear?
3.What do you do to wake up?
4.A chimera attacks the school. What do you do?
5.Which smell is most appealing to you?
6.During a lesson the teacher asks the class to do something potentially illegal with the consent of the Spirits. Will you do it?
7.Which of the following do you find most difficult to deal with others?
8.You create some kind of potion. What potion would do?
9.What is your favourite way of transportation?
10.What kind of dessert do you usually order after a meal?
11.What is your spiritual sign?
12.Which wand would you choose?
13.Which path do you take?
14.What is your favourite holiday?
15.What is your worst nightmare?