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13 days of mystery

Yule-tide: 13 days of mystery!

You, a new student to Stateri Mundi University, opened your invitation letter from the Spirits.
But when you agree to this scholarship, you find yourself landing in this farm instead of the University.

What happened?
Why aren’t you brought to school by the Spirits?
Why do you feel like you’re being watched?
Quickly! Go inside, maybe you’ll find the answer there!

What do I need for Yule as a player?

– Outfit: You just need to dress up as your character, remember this event takes place in the Universe of SMU but is not at SMU.
Remember it’s December and it might be rather cold outside! So a coat/cloak/pelt/1000 layers of scarfs/… might not be a luxury.

– Your wand! You’ll need a wand to perform your magic. Each character will get a list of known spells that you can use through-out the whole universe of SMU.
– A lantern as we‘ll also play outside but as we’ll be nearing Midwinternight, daylight is short. Please battery-powered, so without real fire to prevent painful accidents. But also please no modern looking flashlights. Try to keep it magical. There are many inexpensive alternatives or “pimp-your-torchlight” options available, even if your character is from modern times.
– Sturdy outdoor shoes (& maybe indoor shoes) we have a large outdoor area in the woods, sadly we can’t really control the weather so it might be muddy/slippery! We understand your character may be fancy as the stars in a pitchdark night but for your own comfort and safety don’t go outside in fancy/high-heeled shoes. You can use these inside! Please don’t go into the sleep-accommodations with muddy, dirty shoes.
– A pouch, a bag… which you can use in game. A perfect way to carry along your IG-IDcard, IG money, trinkets, little tome of already known spells, potions, found treasure, that pencil and notebook your character is never without with,…
– Heat patches/soles or thermo-underwear if you have the tendency to run particular cold. This might keep you from turning into that uncomfortable ice block.
– Bedsheets, sleepingbag, pillow cover and towels, toiletries if you stay overnight (which we recommend as it’s included in the price and we can’t say how late it will end) you will need sheets for your bed.
– Earplugs: Accommodations are in a sleeping dormitory of 10, so maybe earplugs might be handy too.
– Other things might be character-bound and you will be notified in time if you would need anything else.
– COVID19 antigen quicktest: you will need to bring one to take when checking in. (please read all the measures)
– Face mask: for inside.

The details:

Let us share some important details:

You will be a student for 1 day at a squared farm in the universe of SMU, which takes place in de Kluis, Sint-Joris-Weert. Included in the price is 1 night stay, an eveningmeal, breakfast and non-alcoholic beverages.

Minimum age is 16 at the time of the event. Maximum is… well, we don’t know… We don’t believe in being too old! Too young neither, but that rule is more insurance-wise, alas.


Hopper - De Kluis

This event takes place at this charming square farm in the middle of the woods: Kluis 1, 3051 St.-Joris-Weert



Saturday, Dec 18th (- 19th) 2021; Arrival time: 13h00

  • duration
  • food
  • & drinks
  • gameplay
  • availability


  • 1 playday + 1 night
  • incl 1 eveningmeal & breakfast
  • incl non-alcoholic beverages
  • a character to develop (or use the one for SMU)
  • 35  2 tickets left


  • 1 playday + 1 night
  • incl 1 eveningmeal & breakfast
  • incl non-alcoholic beverages
  • short/long random characters to create play
  • 9  0 tickets left

The Player Handbook:

Register yourself

Please fill in the registration for your ticket.

We can only ask you to read the “player handbook” well before registering. It contains all the info you need to make some decisions considering your character.

As this adventure doesn’t take place in the University but at a secondary location, the information about the lessons and clans is less important for this event. Although if you’re planning to join SMU, it might be smart to keep it in mind if you want to play the same character.

Event closed