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13 days of mystery

13 Days of Mystery!

Yule 2021 Edition

You, a new student to Stateri Mundi University, opened your invitation letter from the Spirits.
But when you agree to this scholarship, you find yourself landing in this farm instead of the University.

What happened?
Why aren’t you brought to school by the Spirits?
Why do you feel like you’re being watched?
Quickly! Go inside, maybe you’ll find the answer there!

Instead of answers, however, you got only more questions. The house was overrun by a family of trolls. But it wasn’t their house was it now? No, it belonged to a secret organisation that had been kicked out. Of course, the trolls only wanted a nice place to stay but maybe this wasn’t the way. So who were the students going to aid? The hungry trolls, or the secret organisation who have been forcefully evicted?

Eventually, choices had to be made. But if they were the right ones? Only the Spirits know.


Hopper - De Kluis

This event takes place at this charming square farm in the middle of the woods: Kluis 1, 3051 St.-Joris-Weert



Saturday, Dec 18th (- 19th) 2021; Arrival time: 13h00

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