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Tickets Yule 2023

Once upon a Twilight

Curious and getting excited to join?

Let us share some important details:

You can become a student for 1 day at a location you are send to by the Spirits, which takes place this year in a manor in the woods. Included in the price is the possiblity to stay the night, all meals and non-alcoholic beverages. The location is not wheelchair friendly.

You are not allowed to bring your own alcohol but we have a IG bar where we’ll serve mead in the evening.

Minimum age is 16 at the time of the event. Maximum is… well, we don’t know… We don’t believe in being too old! Too young neither, but that rule is more insurance-wise, alas.


Saint-Paulus Centre

This event takes place at a hidden house deep in the woods: Galgenstraat 36, Rotselaar 3110, Belgium



Saturday, Dec 16th (- 17th) 2023; Arrival time: 12h00

  • duration
  • food
  • & drinks
  • parkingspot
  • gameplay
  • .
  • availability*


  • 1 day
  • incl all meals
  • incl non-alcoholic beverages
  • incl parking
  • a personalised character to
  • develop during play
  • 25 6 Tickets reserved for NEW Players**
  • 15 8 Tickets reserved for OLD Players


  • 1 day
  • incl all meals
  • incl non-alcoholic beverages
  • incl parking
  • short/long random characters to
  • create play for students
  • 10 Tickets (casted)
***Our NPC spaces will be cast by hand by our plot team to ensure a well-balanced team. Signing up as an NPC does not guarantee a final spot. 

The amount of available tickets is updated manually, this means that we cannot update when we are asleep. Your registration will only be valid if you receive your payment request from character at Statera Mundi.be Check your spam and inbox regularly. (Especially if you use Hotmail.)
**NEW PLAYERS are players who have never attended an event of Perenelle Events.

The Player Handbook:

Register yourself

Please fill in the registration for your ticket.

We can only ask you to read the “player handbook” well before registering. It contains all the info you need to make some decisions considering your character.